Get Ready, Get Set – Get Trained!

*This post is part of our new “onboarding” section for brand new Girl Scout volunteers! If you’re a current volunteer, you can still feel free to browse for a refresher.

We are so excited to offer online training opportunities for volunteers! Here’s why you should be excited too:

  1. Do it on your time! Whether you have free time at night or early in the morning, these new trainings will be accessible 24/7.
  2. Train in easily-digestible pieces! You don’t have to do any of the trainings in one sitting. Have 20 minutes free each evening? No problem! You can stop and start your course wherever you would like.
  3. Review information whenever you want! After you finish the course, you can return to review information weeks or months later for a quick refresher.
  4. Train from home. Now there’s no need to go out after relaxing at home. You can’t beat training while rocking some cozy pajamas!

Excited and ready to get started? 

Here’s how you can create an account in the Volunteer Learning Portal and enroll in a course! 

1. Go to On the left-hand side of the screen, click “Create New Account.”


2. Complete the information as listed. Please use the same e-mail address which you used to register your membership for Girl Scouts.


3. Check your e-mail account for an e-mail titled “Girl Scouts Iowa Virtual Troop: account confirmation” from Admin User ( Click the link in the e-mail to confirm your new account!


4. Click the title of the course you wish to take.


5. Click the “Enroll me” button on the bottom of the page.

training 5.jpg

You’re all set! View the training in chunks as it fits your schedule, and as always – email us at or give us a call at 800-342-8389 if you have any questions.

MyGS: What is It? What Can I Do There?

*This post is part of our new “onboarding” section for brand new Girl Scout volunteers! If you’re a current volunteer, you can still feel free to browse for a refresher.

It’s easier than ever to manage your troop online through the My GS portal – from planning your meetings, to updating contact information, to registering for each new and exciting year.

What is My GS?

My GS is a renewal and volunteer resource tool built into one login. It houses:

  • Member Profile – Your member profile gives you the power to update family information, add additional volunteer roles during the year, and renew each girl, adult, family, or troop!
  • Volunteer Toolkit – This powerful toolkit lets you update your troop’s information, plan your entire year, and communicate with families.

It’s easy to access these great resources in one place!

Where is My GS located on our website?

You can find My GS within the green selection bar of our website, highlighted in yellow font.  Select which tool you’d like to use, and log in.

If you’re a first-time user or have forgotten your login, simply click “Forgot your password” in the login screen, and watch for an e-mail from


Who has access to the Volunteer Toolkit?

  • Troop Leader access: Troop Leaders have the ability to view and edit troop info, year plans, and more! This access is given to all those designated as “Troop Leader” for that troop, with a current membership & eligible background check.
  • Parent/Guardian access: One parent/guardian per family has access to the VTK too, but only to view the schedule and information.

Want more information on the Volunteer Toolkit? Head over to our Volunteer Toolkit Guide!

Who has access to Member Profile?

The primary parent/guardian for each family has access to the Member Profile. Our system can also support access for multiple volunteers in a household, if additional roles need to be added.

How can I add additional volunteer roles to myself?

Select the “Add Role” button on the main page of Member Profile as circled below. You will search for your troop or service unit to locate your associated volunteer position(s) and click “Next.” It will return you to your home (Membership) page & show your current membership with the additional role(s).


Need any help? Give us a call at 800-342-8389, or email us at!

So You’re a New Girl Scout Leader! Here’s Your Checklist for a Great Start

*This post is part of our new “onboarding” section for brand new Girl Scout volunteers! If you’re a current volunteer, you can still feel free to browse for a refresher.

We’re so excited that you’ve decided to start your Girl Scout volunteer journey, and we want to make the process as easy as possible.

Here is your new leader checklist – and you can download a handy printable version (with fillable areas for details like locations and dates) here if you like checking things off your to-do list as much as we do!

  1. Get started by joining now!

❒ Become a registered adult Girl Scout member.

❒ Complete the Verified Volunteers background check.

❒ Watch Welcome video & answer questions in MyGS.

  1. Schedule Orientation with our Troop Support team:

❒ Complete Troop Leader Orientation.

❒ Receive Daisy/Brownie Start-Up Funds if applicable new troop.

  1. Review and sign your Troop Volunteer Agreement.

     4. Get to know your resources:

     5. Complete your required training in-person or online through the Volunteer Training Portal.

❒ Managing Troops & Groups

❒ Leading Your Level (Part I and Level-Specific)

     6. Connect with your Service Unit Manager and other volunteers in your community.

❒ Find out the meeting schedule for your Service Unit.

     7. Meet with your troop volunteer(s):

❒ Troops must have 2 leaders/co-leaders (must be unrelated and one must be female).

❒ All volunteers must become registered adult Girl Scout members & complete the background check.

❒ Determine additional volunteer roles.

– Suggestions: Fall Product Manager, Cookie Manager, Troop Treasurer, Meeting Helper, Communications Coordinator, Chaperone

❒ Review Girls’ Guide to Girl Scouting, Journey books, & Volunteer Toolkit to brainstorm ideas.

❒ Review your list of registered girls by signing into MyGS – Volunteer Toolkit & clicking “My Troop” tab.

❒ Write a parent letter/email.

     8. Communicate with all troop families:

❒ Send parent letter/email about first meetings.

❒ Schedule and hold a Parent/Guardian Meeting.

❒ Determine troop dues (if any).

❒ Decide on Troop Meeting details.

– Helpful Hint: Schedule your troop meetings around your availability. As much as possible, take into account your family needs, holidays, and availability of meeting place.

– Troops meet at many locations, including schools, churches and local community centers.

❒ Submit your troop meeting information through the Troop Catalog Update Form.

     8. Begin using Volunteer Toolkit:

❒ Choose a year plan to customize.

❒ Set up your first few meetings.

     9. Hold your first Troop Meeting:

❒ Make sure all girl & adult registrations are completed – financial assistance is available.

❒ Confirm completed background checks by troop volunteers.

❒ Get parents active in troop volunteer roles.

❒ Discuss & brainstorm how the year ahead can look.

❒ See if older Girls Scouts are available to assist.

     10. Open a Girl Scout Bank Account:

❒ Contact bank in advance to confirm what additional items or paperwork are required to open account.

❒ Complete Troop & Service Unit Bank Account Form and follow instructions to submit.

Enjoy your volunteer adventure!

If you have any questions along the way, email us at, or give us a call at 800-342-8389!

How to Hold a Fantastic First Parent Meeting!

*This post is part of our new “onboarding” section for brand new Girl Scout volunteers! If you’re a current volunteer, you can still feel free to browse for a refresher.

You’re registered, you’re trained, and now you’re ready to hold your first troop/parent meeting! We know it can be scary starting something new, so we’re here to help.

Here’s a sample agenda for the first time you meet with the parents/guardians of your excited new Girl Scouts – having things written out can help things go super smoothly.

You can download a printable version of the agenda, too!

Girl Scout Parent Meeting Agenda

Be sure to reserve meeting space; use your troop roster to invite all parents/guardians.

Welcome & Introductions:

  • Have each adult share their name and what they hope their daughter will get out of Girl Scouting.
  • Leader(s) also share what they hope the troop will gain from the year.

Brief Overview of Girl Scouts

  • Mission: To build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place
  • Girl led (decision-making and planning), Hands-on (active not passive), and Collaborative (girls feel safer to try new things in collaborative team-based environments)
  • Girl Scout of Greater Iowa is our local council –

Girl Scout Troop Specifics

  • Meeting time, day frequency and locations
  • Finances
  • Dues (how much, how often)
  • Financial assistance available
  • Uniforms (will the girls wear a sash or vest, or choose for themselves?)
  • Participating in the fall product and cookie program – helps girls learn budgeting and business skills, plus helps the troop pay activities, costs for camps, training, and other resources.

We ❤ Our Troop Parents

  • Building a Troop Committee – Share the list of jobs, get volunteers to join in on the fun!
    • Adult membership registration (annual fee or lifetime membership) and background check required for all participating adults
  • Snack Coordination?
  • Troop Supply needs (wish list for a troop supply box)
  • Pick-up Etiquette – Please provide transportation to and from meetings in a timely manner (within 5-10 minutes after ending of meeting)

Forms & Actions to Take

Activities with Girls (if they are present) – If possible, bring an outside group in to help with girls while you’re meeting with parents!

  • Fun activities while adult meet
  • Brainstorming activity ideas

Reminder of next meeting date and goodbyes!

The Volunteer Toolkit: Plan Your Year!

*This post is part of our new “onboarding” section for brand new Girl Scout volunteers! If you’re a current volunteer, you can still feel free to browse for a refresher.

What is the Volunteer Toolkit?

The Volunteer Toolkit is a new digital planning tool that gives you resources and program content to get your year started—and keep it going smoothly! Fully customizable, the toolkit is digitally responsive so you can plan and prepare practically anywhere.

Girls have more fun when they can shape their own experience, do hands-on activities, and work together as teams. With the new toolkit, girls and leaders can explore meeting topics and program activities together, and follow the fun as they plan their Girl Scout year.

Right now, K-5 troops have the most content available in this new (and continually updated) tool – but there are still powerful customization and planning tools for 6-12 troops too!

Check out our Volunteer Toolkit Overview to get started, with helpful info on how to use this wonderful resource – including FAQs!