Let Your Voice Be Heard: Apply to Be an Annual Meeting Delegate!

Do you want to learn more about how the council is run? Would you like to have the chance to vote on council business for the upcoming year? Every year, Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa holds an Annual Meeting to bring together delegates from across the council, board members, and staff to do just that!

The 2017 Annual Meeting will be held on April 18, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. via a teleconference. Any member 14 years of age or older is welcome to apply to be an official voting delegate, but all members are invited to attend the meeting. Delegates and visitors alike will be able to access the meeting from their own homes, and will not need to travel!

At the Annual Meeting, delegates:

1 Elect officers, board members at large, members of the Board Development Committee; and this year, the delegates and alternates to the National Convention.

2 Consider any proposed amendments to the bylaws.

3 Provide input on key issues affecting the Council and the Movement.

4 Consider any other business appropriate to come before the corporation in accordance with the process established by the board of directors.

It’s very important to us that every service unit and community can have their voices be heard in these decisions!

Interested in participating in this unique opportunity? Start the process of applying to be a delegate by contacting their Service Unit Manager.

We will be emailing delegate materials in early March, so make that call today!

Have any questions, or not sure who to contact? Email us at info@gsiowa.org.


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