So You’re a New Girl Scout Leader! Here’s Your Checklist for a Great Start

*This post is part of our new “onboarding” section for brand new Girl Scout volunteers! If you’re a current volunteer, you can still feel free to browse for a refresher.

We’re so excited that you’ve decided to start your Girl Scout volunteer journey, and we want to make the process as easy as possible.

Here is your new leader checklist – and you can download a handy printable version (with fillable areas for details like locations and dates) here if you like checking things off your to-do list as much as we do!

  1. Get started by joining now!

❒ Become a registered adult Girl Scout member.

❒ Complete the Verified Volunteers background check.

❒ Watch Welcome video & answer questions in MyGS.

  1. Schedule Orientation with our Troop Support team:

❒ Complete Troop Leader Orientation.

❒ Receive Daisy/Brownie Start-Up Funds if applicable new troop.

  1. Review and sign your Troop Volunteer Agreement.

     4. Get to know your resources:

     5. Complete your required training in-person or online through the Volunteer Training Portal.

❒ Managing Troops & Groups

❒ Leading Your Level (Part I and Level-Specific)

     6. Connect with your Service Unit Manager and other volunteers in your community.

❒ Find out the meeting schedule for your Service Unit.

     7. Meet with your troop volunteer(s):

❒ Troops must have 2 leaders/co-leaders (must be unrelated and one must be female).

❒ All volunteers must become registered adult Girl Scout members & complete the background check.

❒ Determine additional volunteer roles.

– Suggestions: Fall Product Manager, Cookie Manager, Troop Treasurer, Meeting Helper, Communications Coordinator, Chaperone

❒ Review Girls’ Guide to Girl Scouting, Journey books, & Volunteer Toolkit to brainstorm ideas.

❒ Review your list of registered girls by signing into MyGS – Volunteer Toolkit & clicking “My Troop” tab.

❒ Write a parent letter/email.

     8. Communicate with all troop families:

❒ Send parent letter/email about first meetings.

❒ Schedule and hold a Parent/Guardian Meeting.

❒ Determine troop dues (if any).

❒ Decide on Troop Meeting details.

– Helpful Hint: Schedule your troop meetings around your availability. As much as possible, take into account your family needs, holidays, and availability of meeting place.

– Troops meet at many locations, including schools, churches and local community centers.

❒ Submit your troop meeting information through the Troop Catalog Update Form.

     8. Begin using Volunteer Toolkit:

❒ Choose a year plan to customize.

❒ Set up your first few meetings.

     9. Hold your first Troop Meeting:

❒ Make sure all girl & adult registrations are completed – financial assistance is available.

❒ Confirm completed background checks by troop volunteers.

❒ Get parents active in troop volunteer roles.

❒ Discuss & brainstorm how the year ahead can look.

❒ See if older Girls Scouts are available to assist.

     10. Open a Girl Scout Bank Account:

❒ Contact bank in advance to confirm what additional items or paperwork are required to open account.

❒ Complete Troop & Service Unit Bank Account Form and follow instructions to submit.

Enjoy your volunteer adventure!

If you have any questions along the way, email us at, or give us a call at 800-342-8389!

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