MyGS: What is It? What Can I Do There?

*This post is part of our new “onboarding” section for brand new Girl Scout volunteers! If you’re a current volunteer, you can still feel free to browse for a refresher.

It’s easier than ever to manage your troop online through the My GS portal – from planning your meetings, to updating contact information, to registering for each new and exciting year.

What is My GS?

My GS is a renewal and volunteer resource tool built into one login. It houses:

  • Member Profile – Your member profile gives you the power to update family information, add additional volunteer roles during the year, and renew each girl, adult, family, or troop!
  • Volunteer Toolkit – This powerful toolkit lets you update your troop’s information, plan your entire year, and communicate with families.

It’s easy to access these great resources in one place!

Where is My GS located on our website?

You can find My GS within the green selection bar of our website, highlighted in yellow font.  Select which tool you’d like to use, and log in.

If you’re a first-time user or have forgotten your login, simply click “Forgot your password” in the login screen, and watch for an e-mail from


Who has access to the Volunteer Toolkit?

  • Troop Leader access: Troop Leaders have the ability to view and edit troop info, year plans, and more! This access is given to all those designated as “Troop Leader” for that troop, with a current membership & eligible background check.
  • Parent/Guardian access: One parent/guardian per family has access to the VTK too, but only to view the schedule and information.

Want more information on the Volunteer Toolkit? Head over to our Volunteer Toolkit Guide!

Who has access to Member Profile?

The primary parent/guardian for each family has access to the Member Profile. Our system can also support access for multiple volunteers in a household, if additional roles need to be added.

How can I add additional volunteer roles to myself?

Select the “Add Role” button on the main page of Member Profile as circled below. You will search for your troop or service unit to locate your associated volunteer position(s) and click “Next.” It will return you to your home (Membership) page & show your current membership with the additional role(s).


Need any help? Give us a call at 800-342-8389, or email us at!

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