Start Your Girl Scout Year Off Right at “Circle of Success!”

Can you believe it is almost time to start the next Girl Scout year? We want to help you have fun and start your year off right with our Circle of Success events, designed with you in mind! At these unique events, you’ll connect with your fellow Girl Scout leaders, hear from GSGI staff and share best practices with each other.

You’ll get the chance to customize your experience with 3 rounds of break-out sessions, each with options suiting almost any volunteer role (see below for more info). At Circle of Success, you can even experiment with new perspectives through hands-on activities – whether it’s trying out how to be an advocate, making a foil oven with the Ag Journey, or testing out your knowledge of where to find your best tools.

Locations are spread around the council – eight locations in all – so find the one nearest you today!

What types of sessions will be available? Here’s a roundup of the options you’ll have for your breakout session:

You Want Me to Look Where?

With all of the new technology, have you gotten frustrated on where your best resources or forms are? Or are you unfamiliar with how we share information with all volunteers? Do not fear – we want to help you succeed and start off on the right foot! In this session, we will show you the basics of several volunteer resources, such as The Bridge, Volunteer Toolkit, and much more. Best of all, we’ll have you learn through a fun, hands-on way with teamwork.

Kick Off the Year with Ceremonies and Traditions

Investiture, Rededication, and Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthday are just a few of the ceremonies and traditions we will experience.  Come prepared to share traditions and ceremonies that your troops have tested and recommend to others.

A Brilliant Start with the Fall Product Program

This session will introduce the Fall Product program, which gives troops and girls a great opportunity to earn funds to start their Girl Scout year! We’ll give an introduction to the program and review what’s new for the 2016 year! This session is for new and returning volunteers alike. (Note: This is not a full training on the program, simply a sneak peek.)

Building Better Product Programs

Product Volunteers know that running the largest program in the council is no easy task. We want to hear your thoughts, ideas and dreams on how we can help tailor the Cookie Program (and Fall Product too!) to better fit the needs of busy families and volunteers. (Note: This session is geared toward returning volunteers & parents.)

Delivering Fun with Purpose-Ag Journey and Outdoor Badges:

You don’t have to be an expert scientist or an agronomist to do fun and educational activities with your girls using the Ag-Journey!  This new supplemental curriculum to our “It’s Your Planet – Love It!” is an exciting way to help us bring new opportunities to girls across our council. Join our Ag-Journey gurus for some hands-on activities directly from the curriculum, discuss strategies to engage girls, and discover additional STEM resources to enhance their learning experiences! The Ag-Journey patch, along with a line-up of our Girls’ Choice badges, will also be on display for you to view. We’ll also have a list of ideas on what you and your girls can do to earn these badges so be prepared to channel your creative energy with us!

Growing the Movement through Recruitment

I volunteer…So can you!  Come and role-play how easy recruiting a new leader can be.  Be yourself.  Be a Girl Scout.  Visit our display table, and see innovative, fun resources and materials available for you to use at a recruitment event for girls and adults in every zip code.

Team Girl Scout!

You love your girls! You just wish their parents would return permission slips, arrive on time for meetings, and volunteer at cookie booths, too!  How can you get the entire family to be engaged, excited members of Team Girl Scout?  Our panel of experienced Girl Scout Leaders will answer questions and talk about how they keep their troops informed and involved.

Still need convincing? Here are three more great reasons to attend Circle of Success:

  1. Many opportunities for prizes and surprises.
  2. Connect with a new Girl Scout sister from outside of your community.
  3. Spark a new idea or two to incorporate with your troop.

We hope to see you at Circle of Success soon, and later this year at “Circle of Creativity” events to give you a mid-year boost!

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