Girl Scout Rosters: Who’s Who in Your Troop or Service Unit

Want to see an up-to-date view of the contact information of everyone in your troop or service unit? Check out our handy roster guide!

For Troops

Troop leaders can access rosters and contact information for troop members through your MyGS login. To access your Troop Roster, click the MyGS link on the home page, and select Volunteer Toolkit. Once you’re logged into the Volunteer Toolkit, select the “My Troop” tab (on the left, next to “Year Plan”).

From there, you’ll see a green bar with “Troop ##### Info.” On this bar, you’ll see an option to email all contacts within the troop. This is a great option for troop announcements!

For more specific information about each troop member, click on the white arrow next to “Troop ##### Info.” Once this arrow is pointing down, you’ll see the list of all girls in the troop. You’ll see each girl’s name, their guardian’s name, email address, and phone number. If you click on the green arrow next to the girl’s name, you’ll find her date of birth, age, and address.

Coming soon: details about how to renew your Troop members for the 2016-17 Girl Scout Year!

For Service Units

Service Unit Managers receive a weekly email with an updated roster of service unit members attached as an Excel spreadsheet. This list is designed to help service unit teams coordinate Girl Scouting in your area. You can check what troop an individual is registered in, whether a troop has enough volunteer help, or if a new member has been registered. Use this list to let us know of any changes that need to be made to the information provided.

Service Unit Managers may distribute to other members of the service unit team as needed. Because it contains personal troop and member information, please do not re-distribute this roster to third parties.

What does “Welcome” Mean?

When reviewing your rosters, you may see that some adult members are listed with a status of “Welcome.” This means that an adult volunteer has not yet logged into MyGS to watch the 2 minute welcome video and answer the related questions. If an adult has not yet completed this step, the first thing they will see when logging into MyGS is the video.


The welcome video is a short and helpful introduction to Girl Scouting and is part of our official volunteer onboarding process. Even our long-time volunteers are asked to complete this step once, to make sure you’re getting the same updated Girl Scout messages as our newest adult members. This also helps us to know how we can best prepare volunteers to work with girls.

If you have any technical difficulties with the video, please let us know. The entire Welcome step will take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

What if Someone is Missing from the Roster?

There are a few reasons an individual may not show up on a troop or service unit roster. Girls and adults will only be listed with your troop or service unit if they have a Girl Scout membership for the current year. If a person is not showing up, he/she may not have a current membership.

Adults will only be listed with your troop or service unit if they have selected a volunteer role and completed a background check. Any adult may join as a Girl Scout member to support the organization, but if an adult is choosing to volunteer in your troop or service unit, they should select a role such as “Troop Support Volunteer” or “Service Unit Support Volunteer.”

If you believe someone is missing from your roster, please let us know, so we can double-check the reason and update records accordingly.


Not sure how to log into MyGS? Click here for directions.

Questions? Email us at

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