January 2016: Checklist for Success

Need a refresher from last month? Check out the December Checklist, which features the Opportunity Catalog and Troop Rosters

Need a printable version of the January Checklist? Download one here!

2016 Cookie Program

  • We’ve put all of the volunteer resources for the 2016 Cookie Program in one place! Check out Your 2016 Cookie Program Guide on The Bridge.
  • Cookie Program Dates
    • January 15: Initial Orders due for cookies to start your program.
    • February 1 – March 13: Order-Taking
    • February 12 – March 20: Direct Sales (Booth Sales & Cookies In-Hand)
  • Cookie Kickoffs on January 16

Volunteer Recognition

  • Awards: We need your help in order to recognize amazing volunteers at our Circle of Excellence events! Submit a nomination for an exceptional Girl Scout volunteer by February 19. 
  • Circle of Excellence: Circle of Excellence events are a time for celebrating our dedicated volunteers, graduating seniors, Bronze, Silver and Gold Award recipients, and our valued donors. Save the date for the ceremony near you!
    • April 2: Sioux City (morning) and Council Bluffs (afternoon).
    • April 16: Mason City (morning) and Fort Dodge (afternoon).
    • April 23: Des Moines (morning) and Oskaloosa (afternoon).

Volunteer Trainings

We’re excited to offer convenient training opportunities to our volunteers, both on the Volunteer Learning Portal and in person.

  • New Leader Orientation – New leaders are invited to this training after completing their registration. (Scheduled at your convenience.)
  • Managing Troops and Groups (Online!) – Introduction to the Girl Scout program resources.
  • Leading Your Level (Online!)– Helping you dig deeper into the grade level you are leading.
  • First Aid/CPR Classes – Scheduled First Aid/CPR trainings will be posted on the online events calendar. You can also take classes in your community offered by the American Red Cross, National Safety Council, EMP America, or American Heart Association. Other classes may qualify with approval, but online-only courses do not meet council requirements.

To schedule an in-person session for any of these trainings in your service unit, please email your request to info@gsiowa.org or call us at (800) 342-8389.

World Thinking Day – February 22, 2016

World Thinking Day is a Girl Scout tradition that is celebrated each year on February 22. It is a way for girls to participate in activities and projects with global themes to honor their sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in other countries.

Find ideas, activities, and requirements for this year’s World Thinking Day theme – “Connect” – here. Girls can also earn the Global Action Award by following the requirements found here. Check it out! Have fun! Change the world! *Note: The World Thinking Day and Global Action awards are available for purchase through our shops.


  • Submit your Product Program agreements for Troop Product Manager and Service Unit Product Chairs.
  • Complete your Cookie Program training online.
  • Is your Service Unit or Troop planning a fun event that you would like to invite all girls to attend? Submit the Event Listing form and your event can be listed on the online calendar and open for online registration.
  • Are there open volunteer positions in your Service Unit? Talk to your support teams about recruitment help!
  • Check out the list of troop/group Field Trip options!
  • There is so much to see and do with winter & spring Girl Scout events. Check out the Camp and Program Book (in the mail now), or the online event list!

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