All About Troop and Service Unit Activities!

In addition to Girl Scout troop meetings, we know troops and service units love to get together for special activities! Here’s your handy guide to planning adventures for your group:

Planning an outing with your troop or service unit?

If you’re planning an event that falls into one of these categories, an application for activity approval is required before you start your journey:

  • Your troop or group will be away for one or more nights.
  • You’ll be riding horses.
  • You’ll be doing water activities, or swimming at a location without a staff lifeguard. 

If your trip doesn’t fall into any of these categories, be sure to still follow steps 1 through 3 to plan your activity or event!

  1. First, download the Event/Activity/Trip Checklist for all of your planning steps. Whether you’re going on an afternoon outing or a week-long camping trip, this document will explain everything you need to do, including any forms that need to be turned in to the council.
  2. Be sure to check Safety Activity Checkpoints for all activities — this document will help you gather the resources and permissions you need to have a safe and fun event.
  3. Remember to get parent permission for all participants whenever you plan an event, activity or trip!
  4. Turn in any required forms:
  5. For activities lasting 3 nights or more, or where non-Girl Scout members will be participating, submit the Plan 2 Enrollment Form for additional insurance.
    • The fine print: All Girl Scout members are covered under Girl Scout activity insurance. This insurance provides up to a specified maximum for medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident while a member is participating in an approved, supervised Girl Scout activity, after the individual’s primary insurance pays out.

Is your service unit or troop planning a fun event that you would like to invite all Girl Scouts to attend?

  • Submit the Event Listing Request Form eight weeks prior to your event to have it listed on our online calendar and open for online registration.
  • Girls will be able to use 2015 Munch Money and 2016 Cookie Dough for troop and service unit events that are open to members from across the council!

Looking for something special for your troop to do?

  • Check out our Field Trips! We’ve set up opportunities with organizations across the council that will provide a special experience for your troop or group! Contact field trip sites directly to arrange a visit.

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