5 Tips to Finish Your Fall Product Program Strong!

We’re just over halfway through the 2015 Fall Product Program — isn’t it crazy how time flies? Here are our top 5 tips for finishing strong with your troop!

1. Make sure you’ve entered your troop bank account information in Nut.E! This year, rather than filling out ACH Forms with troop bank information, you can easily enter the details online into Nut.E. 

online2. There’s still time to encourage girls to set up their online stores. Girls can send emails to their customers, near and far. It’s easier than ever to reach out to a grandmother who lives out of state, or a busy family friend who’s easier to reach online! Here’s a helpful video tutorial on how to set up your store.

Psst…Did you know that online orders ship 72 hours after they’re placed? Customers can get their items even faster than a traditional Fall Product order!

3. Here’s another great way to help girls meet their goals: encourage them to approach businesses with the corporate gift items. Girls can use their online store and business card to allow businesses to purchase great staff gifts for the holidays!

4. Need a refresher in using the Nut.E system before it’s time to submit orders and recognitions? Check out this handy Nut.E Training for Troops for all the information you’ll need.

5. Encourage girls and families to use social media responsibly. You can share our official social media policy during the Product Programs with families:

In the digital age, the Internet and social media provide great opportunities for girls to develop new business skills. Through the Product Programs, we hope to empower girls to learn how to be good businesswomen, and how to use resources relevant to their grade-level. We support girls 13 and older in utilizing online tools to promote their sales on their personal pages, to their friends and family.

While we support girls using social media to have a greater reach amongst the network of people they know, Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa does not promote the marketing of Product Programs on Facebook groups that promote buy, sell or trading activities. These pages, like sites such as Craigslist, are uncontrolled, which presents a unique set of safety and privacy concerns. The top priority of the Girl Scout Product Programs is to make sure the girls learn the five skills while having fun and being safe.

While GSGI does not support utilizing buy, sell or trade pages for Product Program use, social media pages are private property. Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety of their Girl Scout’s information, and must use their best discretion when posting or sending private messages to customers seeking product.

The Cookie Program teaches girls five essential skills, and one of them is business ethics. As a Girl Scout Volunteer/Parent, you are working on your honor to teach girls to be honest, trustworthy, and reliable and to abide the rules of the Cookie Program.

We’re so excited to see Girl Scouts reach new heights in this year’s Product Program! If you have other tips to share with your fellow volunteers, feel free to post them in the comments.

Have any questions about these Fall Product tips, or need help navigating the program? We’re here to help! Give us a call at 800-342-8389, or email us at info@gsiowa.org.

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